Show your skills and beat your best-self

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At Swing Paradise we aim to maximise quality social dancing time. To challenge you we squeeze three different swing dances into one ultimate competition – The Strictly Trinity.
If you thrive on showtime adrenaline, then also join the epic massive Dance Battle.
If you have a performance to showcase, let us know and we’ll arrange you a time, an audience and a video!
There are limited spots for each show off time category:
The Strictly Trinity – 20 couples
The Battle – 20 couples in each team
Showcase – 10 slots

The Strictly Trinity is a unique competition concept to showcase best of all three swing dances – Balboa, Collegiate Shag and St. Louis Shag. It’s a Strictly competition, so you’re dancing with your own partner and you’re not changing partners during prelims and final. You need to know all three dances pretty well, because it’s not only how you can switch and mix the transitions in between but the actual quality content of each dance you can represent – during prelims and final you will need to dance a full chorus of each dance to different tempo music. During the warmup and all skate grand finale you do and mix whatever you want.

You can social dance, dance a choreography, or do a mix. Judges (Swing Paradise teachers) will select the dancers who are solid in all three dances, who listen and dance to the music, and possibly entertain themselves and the audience.

Limited to 20 couples for the prelims. Prelims on Friday evening (~23:00) at Vaidila Theatre.
6 best couples go to final round. Final on Saturday evening (~00:00-00:30) at Vaidila Theatre to live music.

Final round happens in a battle format – 2 couples battle together in each dance category, judges pick three winners on the spot after all three choruses (dance rounds) and then the best trinity is battling each other for one chorus doing whatever dance they want. Judges pick the ultimate winner on the spot.

Prizes – Swing Paradise full passes for the next edition and solid merchandise.

Competition is free but you need to register in advance.
Everyone is allowed to compete except Swing Paradise teachers.

Dance Battle between Balboa, Collegiate Shag and St. Louis Shag is all about entertainment and will happen on Sunday night at Vaidilos Theatre.

The guidelines for this year are: 

  • Everyone with a Full or Party Pass can join the Battle;
  • You choose which team you want to represent – whichever you want;
  • Every team prepares 2xAABA (16×8) chorus spotlights and something extra chaotic for massive all skate jam;
  • Every team has coordinators to make it happen; 
  • Swing Paradise All Star Big Band will play one song of 220-240 BPM tempo;
  • There is 20 couples limit in each team;
  • There is no limit of people on the dance floor during each team’s spotlight;
  • Please respect other teams and consider their spotlight time when showcasing your spotlight;

Registration is mandatory for everyone willing to join and train for the battle. 

Battle trainings are happening on Saturday and Sunday after the classes at 15:40-17:00 (see the schedule/booklet for locations).

The Battle is happening on Sunday (~23:00-23:30) at Vaidila Theatre.

If you have a performance to showcase, let us know and we’ll arrange you a time, an audience and a video! It has to be a dance performance up to 4mins, doesn’t matter how many people are performing.

If you’re doing a performance, we need from you:

  • the name of your performance you want us to announce (for MC and video);
  • names of participants;
  • description of your performance (Balboa, Shag, solo, team, etc);

Also you need to:

  • send your song in high quality mp3 file to DJ Lord Arnas
  • change the file name to your name(s);
  • do it before Friday morning of the event;

One registration from “team leader” is enough.


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    (pst, your partner for strictly has to register separately as well!)

    (Collegiate Shag team is full now, help other team!)

    (team leader can register whole team)