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Balboa is often thought of as a dance for fast music – it surely is, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, there is a unique world full of elegance of dancing Balboa to slow music. Learn or improve your Slow Bal in intense 3 hour workshop with Andreas & Moe and Albert & Neus .


Choose your challenge


You know 0 or you have taken a Slow Bal taster. This is perfect for you, as you will work on Slow Bal basics, connection and learn a few variations that would keep you slow-moving the whole song.

You already took Slow Bal classes before and you’re looking for new inspiration. In this track you will polish your basics and learn new ideas.


at Swing Paradise 2019



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Friday, April 17th
18.00 – 19.30 Andreas & Moe
19.45 – 21.15 Albert & Neus

18.00 – 19.30 Albert & Neus
19.45 – 21.15 Andreas & Moe


True fans of Slow Bal

Andreas & Moe

A pearl of the Orient, who is believed to have found the philosopher’s stone, the alchemist of the performing arts such as dancing, theater, television and film, and the UK’s top female swing dancer – Moe is active and vivid swing dancer all around the globe. One of the most important titles she has won and is most proud of is the world’s biggest Jack’n’Jill competition with Marcus Koch at Frankie 95.

But Moe is just a perfect match with Andreas, who is secretly known as the guy behind Energizer batteries bunny costume, representing never ending energy, claimed to be the unchallenged record holder (so far!) of most hours spent on social swing dance floors in Stockholm, he only takes a break to change into another colourful bow tie or t-shirt with a funny print and give inspiring swing dance classes so contributing to the ever-changing dance style and scene. Andreas and Moe love to see their students learn and improve. Both super happy to come for the first time to Swing Paradise!

Albert & Neus

Albert has been dancing balboa since 2005, trying to grow the balboa scene in Barcelona and also teaching internationally since 2011. Having developed his own style with particular way to combine pure bal and balswing. He has won balboa international titles like Eurobal cup 2011, BOTP classic open 2013 and Easter balboa championships 2013.

Neus discovered Balboa at 2010 and since then she has combined her fascination for it with the Lindy Hop and other swing dances, dancing socially, training and teaching locally, looking for sharing her passion and knowing more about it. For her a day without dancing and without learning something new is like a wasted day. Recently she has been 1st at the 2016 Toulouse Balboa Festival J’n’J.


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