Show your skills and become the ultimate best dancers. The Strictly Trinity - Balboa, Collegiate Shag and Saint Louis Shag

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Film yourself dancing, send us the video, and become the best!

Who can participate? Couples or single individuals. If you can throw it down – throw it down!

Choose a song >180 BPM and dance a chorus (16×8) of each of the Strictly Trinity dances – Balboa, Collegiate Shag and Saint Louis Shag in no particular order. The order of the dances is not relevant, but you need to dance a full chorus (not less and not more) of each style.

You can social dance, dance a piece of choreo, or do a mix. Judges will select the dancers who are solid in all three dance styles, who listen and dance to the music, and possibly entertain themselves and the audience.

The video should be filmed horizontally with a landscape 16:9 aspect ratio (30fps if possible) and sent unedited (no titles or cuts) to via by March 31st 23:59 EST at latest. Please include your full names and country of your residence.

Some tips for the viewers and even yourself to enjoy the video:

  • Practice 😉
  • Clean the camera lenses
  • Dress up

Judges – Andreas, Egle, Heiko, Larissa, Martynas

Videos shouldn’t be uploaded and shared on social media until after the event. 

6 finalists for the final round of the competition will be contacted in person with further instructions, which will be to film themselves dancing Balboa, Collegiate Shag and Saint Louis Shag to our selection of music.

Video deadline for the finals – April 7th 23:59 EST.

Judges – the audience who will vote on the Facebook poll in the Swing Paradise 2021 Facebook event.

Finals will be broadcasted live on Facebook during the Saturday Swing Paradise Hangout.

I place – Full Pass to Swing Paradise 2022

II place – Party Pass to Swing Paradise 2022

III place – Swing Paradise T-Shirt

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