Swing dance and music festival celebrating life in Jazz spirit

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Swing Paradise is held in the beautiful and romantic capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, which is a sweet hot spot in the world swing dance map. It’s a weekend affair to ignite passion for Balboa & Shag in your swinging soul with a pulse of the great African-American swinging jazz music from 1930’s and 40’s. Around 400 swinging souls every year create magic on the dance floor. And the BATTLE! WHAT A BATTLE!
Lithuanian Swing Dance scene has been bringing up new talents to the world for almost two decades. Unfortunately, there are too few big events here to show the world how amazing and intense this small scene really is. On the other hand, that’s what makes it a true hidden gem, an unspoiled paradise – you don’t go there often, but when you do, you can’t forget it and you’re never the same afterwards. If you’re into Balboa & Shag as we are, we invite you to the Swing Paradise.
Swing Paradise is a weekend dance workshop for experienced swing dancers focusing on Balboa, Collegiate Shag and St. Louis Shag. Well known international and local teachers, four nights of parties with groovy swinging bands and amazing dancers, held at beautiful venues at the heart of Vilnius downtown, competitions and performances, some relaxed time and a lot of FUN – you’ll have it all.

NEW DATE: June 8-11th, 2023

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 It’s been a few very tough years – first, COVID-19 pandemic stopping everything we do as dancers, then war in Ukraine bringing us down in despair. In times like this, our dancing summons the value of appreciating the moment, each other in that moment, and the heritage behind that moment. Thanks to everybody who came and made Swing Paradise 2020->2022 happen – it’s been emotional, memorable and epic.

Swing is back! New date of Swing Paradise 2023 is June 8-11th!
Registration opens November 1st.

S W I N G  P A R A D I S E
S T A N D S  W I T H  U K R A I N E
We are against war and shameless genocide by Russia in Ukraine.
There is no place for fascists at our event.
We stand with Ukraine and we expect you to take this side too.
10% of our last edition’s tickets was donated to support Ukraine’s humanitarian aid, the civil population and armed forces.

Slava Ukraini!


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Weekend dance affair to ignite passion for Balboa & Shag
SINCE 2016
Organised by What a Jazz dance studio
Celebrating life in Jazz spirit and welcoming all swing dances to one dance floor.
Anything in between 60 and 290 BPM
Balboa, Collegiate Shag and St. Louis Shag classes. All that Jazz in between.
It don't mean a thing if...?
Local jazz heroes, international legends, All Stars Big Band and great DJs.
Early hours, late hours, you know
Focus on social dancing. One of a kind Strictly Trinity competition & THE BATTLE.

It's hot, it's sweaty, it's tiring, it's one of the best memories

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Swing Paradise is organised by What a Jazz dance studio, by dancers and teachers who are Vilnius Swing Dance Scene leaders with many years experience in organising local & international events.

Expect top-notch organisation. True swing dancers-teachers, spectacular shows, competitions, epic dance battle and most importantly – plenty of time to social dance. Dance classes during the day, evening classes and lectures. Welcoming pre-party and three main parties at historic Vaidilos Theatre which used to held Gatsby-like parties. Swinging music by the best jazz musicians and DJs. Party locations at the heart of Vilnius’ downtown. Togetherness with friends from all over the world.

Tickets used to sell out quickly.
How is it gonna be this time?


Confessions of saints and sinners

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