Swing Paradise is a Swing Dance & Music Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania organised by What a Jazz and co-funded by the European Union.

On this page you’ll find our travel guide with recommendations and frequently asked questions about Swing Paradise festival.

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Fly, drive or swim to the largest Baroque old town in Eastern/Central Europe

Lithuania has three international airports: Vilnius Airport (VNO), Kaunas Airport (KUN) and Palanga Airport (PLQ). Scheduled flights connect Vilnius with all major Western and Eastern European hubs. Budget carriers also land in Kaunas and extra hour on shuttle bus will get you to Vilnius.

There are train connections to Vilnius from Riga and Warsaw, check LTG Link.

Easy travels from Tallinn, Riga, Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, Prague with Lux Express, Ecolines, Eurolines and others.

For more adventurous travellers – seagoing ferries connect Klaipėda Seaport with Baltic Sea ports in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. See DFDS Seaways.


Vilnius old town can easily be explored on foot

Vilnius is unexpectedly amazing! Check GO VILNIUS – the official development agency of the City of Vilnius – tourism webpage and fall in love with Vilnius.

We prepared a special map of all official Swing Paradise locations and our favorite recommendations on Google Maps.

Also, watch this video to know more of local intricacies – What is VILNIUS? (My City You Know Nothing About)

Easiest way to get around Vilnius is by using public transport: buses and exotic trolleybuses. It’s possible to buy a ticket from a driver every time you enter the vehicle (price is only 1 EUR/travel, small change cash only), but more efficient way is to get Vilnius Pass.

Most convenient and popular taxi drivers are BOLT and UBER. There are city taxi services too – always check the price in advance (eg. from airport to city center it should never be more than 10-15 EUR).

Rent a city bike! Or a scooter, but hey – be nice and park properly 😉

Swing Paradise is organised by What a Jazz dance studio which should be your destination for info desk, lost and found, staff/volunteers and some other exciting things during your visit.
What a Jazz is located at former prison – Lukiškės Prison 2.0 – in the heart of Vilnius city.

Psst, you like coffee? Why not having a tasty cup at Arnas’ coffee shop Espresinė?


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June 6-9th, 2024 // Vilnius, Lithuania


Swing Paradise 2024 line-up and the program is announced on our home page.

What a Jazz dance studio (Lukiškių skg. 6)

Vaidilos Theatre (A. Jakšto g. 9)


We prepared a special map of official Swing Paradise locations and our recommendations on Google Maps.

Hosting is not popular in Vilnius. Your best luck is posting on our Facebook event page or ask your Lithuanian friends.


Check booking.com and Airbnb options, usually Vilnius is not too expensive for travellers even when you stay around city center.

If you can’t find tickets at all, they’re probably all sold out.
If you can’t find tickets you want, consider signing up for other options:

  • different track, different level, different role
  • Party Pass + extra theme workshop on Friday
  • just Party Pass – you still get to do battle trainings, taster class and lecture

If nothing is available, then:

  • check our Facebook event, maybe someone is selling their pass (beware of scammers, always check with us!)
  • email us, maybe we have something in our lists

If you can’t see festival line-up, program and prices on our home page, then maybe we haven’t opened the registration yet.

Consider volunteering or apply to Swing Paradise Fund.


Part of every ticket to Swing Paradise is collected to fund a noble action – supporting Ukraine, contributing to organisations working for a better and more open Jazz dance community and giving discounts to everyone who can’t afford our festival.


Read more about Swing Paradise Fund.

If you decide to cancel your registration, part of the price to be refunded depends on the date of cancellation. Check our Cancellation Policy and Terms.


You can only sell your ticket to other person if arranged with us in advance. Email us.


Always check with us by email if you’re buying ticket from someone else – beware of scammers.


In some cases, you can postpone your purchased ticket to another edition – check with us.

Read our General Terms, Cancellation Policy and Code of Conduct.


Stay updated with Swing Paradise news:

Yes, we invite all swing dancers to one dance floor. Swing Paradise festival vision is immersive swing music and dance experience – expect a very wide range of tempo and flavour in the music.


Swing Paradise is a place to celebrate swing dances and swing music of 1920-1940s which are African American art forms associated with the cultural values and aesthetics of Black American culture.


Swing Paradise classes though are focused on Balboa, Collegiate Shag and St. Louis Shag. Different editions have various extra theme workshops and taster classes, like Slow Balboa, Blues Dance, Waltz, Peabody, Solo Movement.

Only if you have a Full Pass and a partner to change track classes with.

There are no official auditions at Swing Paradise.


You will find different level choices in our registration form, which are: Curious Learner, Obsessed Practitioner, Bold Expert. We don’t do beginner dance workshops at Swing Paradise.


Dance class level depends and is relative to other participants dance experience. Participants choose their classes level according to their personal dance experience, their gut feeling, modesty and ambition, honest self evaluation, having in mind that other participants are coming from all around the world with their own experience. Everybody is responsible for creating a comfortable learning environment in the classes.


Teachers might suggest participants another level if general class harmony is different than participants personal experience.

There is only one competition at Swing Paradise – Swinging Trinity Mix & Match – and every year we change some things in the format. Expect to dance Balboa, Shag, maybe slow, maybe fast, maybe who knows?
It’s free, prelims and final are on Friday, winners get Swing Paradise Full Passes and amazing merchandise.


The Battle trainings are included in your Full & Party Passes. You can choose/change your team freely anytime before the trainings begin. Participation in The Battle is not mandatory but you might be missing out on some lifetime memories, check this video.


If you have a show you want to perform at Swing Paradise, email us – we’ll arrange you time on Saturday show program, great audience and cool video! It has to be a dance performance up to 4mins, doesn’t matter how many people are performing.

Legend says Vilnius tap water is so good, it enhances your dancing.


Another legend says the best coffee in town is at Arnas’ coffee shop Espresinė.

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Organizers: Eglė Nemickaitė & Arnas Razgūnas

MC: Elzė Višnevskytė

Photos: Antanas Minkevičius

Videos: Nuno Neves


Swing Paradise is organised by What a Jazz dance studio and is held at Vaidilos Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Swing Paradise is part of the Swinging Europe Network project which is co-funded by the European Union.


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