Swing Paradise 2024, June 6-9th

New date is June 6-9th, 2024 and our email subscribers can register before the official registration opens on January 17th.

Swing Paradise Fund

Thanks to every Swing Paradisian, our teachers and us as organisation, €2621 were donated in 2022 to support Ukraine fighting against ruzzian terrorists (see full 2022 report here). With that

Plans for SP 2023

Here we are – BACK! Your next Swing Paradise is happening June 8-11th, 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania! We’re more than back, we have some very exciting news for you – follow slowly through

For our Russian and Belarusian dance friends

We have Russian and Belarusian dancers coming to Swing Paradise. We know they are against the war and take active actions supporting Ukraine. For our Russian and Belarusian dance friends

Swing Paradise 2022, at last

Thanks everyone for your patience - it seems we’re finding a way to give it a try to come back to music, to dance, to swing! We’re moving from April to June though, hopefully this new date is possible for us to meet in the eyes of pandemic.

Lester’s Blues Concert – Swing Paradise 2021 Online Edition

At last, this swinging gem from Lester's Blues is here - best quality video audio experience for true jazz connoisseurs!

Swing Paradise 2021 Online Edition

Virtual but still pretty epic. Two live-streamed nights. Lester's Blues two-set concert. Strictly Trinity dance competition. Still get all dance classes recordings. Swing Paradise is part of the Swinging Europe Network project which is co-funded by the Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA) through the Europe Creative programme of the EU.

Swing Paradise 2021→2022

Swing Paradise 2020 was postponed to 2021 and now we are postponing the real thing to 2022, sometime in April. Stay tuned for a new date. We’re working backstage to get some exciting things ready for you very soon, but now we’re just giving a quick update on what’s on and what to expect.

Good Thing from The Schwings Band

At least one GOOD THING during this pandemic is a new album from our local jazz heroes The Schwings Band - get it on bandcamp.

Swing Paradise 2020→2021

Unfortunately due to extreme COVID-19 pandemic situation we are postponing Swing Paradise to the next year which hopefully will happen April 9-11th, 2021. We can keep your already purchased ticket for 2021 or we can refund you 100%. Please consider the first option to help us cover financial loss we might already have. Follow the link below for further actions (both, for postpone and for refund).